Phase 1 – Concept and Feasibility

This Phase established the need for the Project by identifying the issues affecting the performance of the existing Network and potential feasible solutions. Barry Transportation prepared the Project Appraisal Reports for the Project in December 2019. The TII confirmed approval to proceed to Phase 2 Options Selection on 20th December 2019.

Phase 2 – Option Selection

The purpose of this phase is to examine alternative options available to meet the needs of the project and to determine a Preferred Option.

Stage 1: Preliminary Options Assessment

  • The study area for the scheme was established in January 2020. Click here for area drawing.
  • This stage identified Constraints and initial preliminary options and were presented to the Public at Public Consultation No. 1 on 11th and 12th March 2020. – Click here for the consultation documents.
  • Following the public consultation, feasible options were developed, and a Stage 1 assessment was undertaken to derive shortlisted options. This was completed in Autumn 2020.

Stage 2: Project Appraisal of Options

The shortlisted options will undergo a Project Appraisal to identify an Emerging Preferred Option Corridor.

Stage 3: Selection of a Preferred Option Corridor

The Emerging Preferred Option Corridors will be reviewed, refined and confirmed to establish the Preferred Option.

Phase 3: Design and Environmental Evaluation

(Subject to funding and approvals to proceed).

During the Design Phase, Barry Transportation will develop the Design and undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment of the design. The aim of this phase is to develop the project design based on both technical and environmental inputs, to a sufficiently detailed level to identify the land take requirements and to identify and mitigate project impacts.

Phase 4: Statutory Process

(Subject to funding and approvals to proceed).

Following the Design development, all documentation is compiled in Phase 4 and the Environmental Impact Assessment Report and Compulsory Purchase Order Documentation will be published.

Subsequently, an Oral Hearing will be held by An Bord Pleanála. This ensures that the proposed project is developed in accordance with planning, environmental and other relevant legislation. Following the Oral Hearing and subject to receiving a positive decision to proceed with the project, the next phase will involve procuring a contractor for construction.