Transport & Traffic Assessments

    Dundrum is a well-established major town centre located in south Dublin serving the western side of the county of Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown and is a designated “Metropolitan Consolidation Town” in the DLRCC County Development Plan 2016-2022.

    The key purpose of this project is to undertake an Area Based Transport Assessment that will guide the future transport and mobility needs of the Dundrum Local Area Plan (LAP) area, taking into account the transport demand arising from existing and projected development both within the LAP boundary and the wider area of influence. The ABTA will form a key component of the Dundrum LAP.

    ABTA’s seek to maximise opportunities for the integration of land use and transport planning, with an emphasis on delivering sustainable travel solutions. The Dundrum ABTA will be undertaken to determine the key infrastructure measures required in Dundrum to tackle existing constraints in transport capacity, to plan for appropriate levels of development to facilitate the projected growth in population and employment, and to encourage sustainable mobility.

    Client: Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council
    Location: Co. Dublin
    Value: €15,000

    This project was completed in partnership with SYSTRA.