Wicklow Sewerage Scheme


Client: Wicklow County Council
Location: Wicklow, Ireland
Value: €26.5 Million
Scope: Stage (i) to (v) including PSDP



Contract No. 1 - DBO 34,000 PE Wastewater Treatment Plant & 68,000PE Sludge Treatment Centre, Pumping Stations, Rising Mains and Stormwater Handling:

  • Provision of a new 34,000 PE Wastewater Treatment Facility and a 68,000 PE Sludge Treatment Centre including thermal drier
  • Upgrading a Main Lift Pumping Station (228l/s) and installation of associated Stormwater Handling Facility (3,000m3)
  • Two Pumping Stations (38l/s and 84l/s) with Stormwater Handling Facility at each (300m3)
  • 10km of rising main (300mm and 500mm)

The project was procured under FIDIC, Conditions of Contract for Design-Build and Turnkey (Orange Book) with a two year Interim Operations Contract for existing facilities and a twenty year Operation and Maintenance Contract.

Contract No. 2 - Wentworth Place Culvert Replacement:
  • Upgrading of approx 200m of 1.5m x 1.2m stone culvert with 3.0m x 1.5m precast concrete culvert under a main urban street in Wicklow Town
  • Construction of a new outfall on the foreshore
  • Upgrading of approx 400m of 525mm diameter foul sewer to 900mm diameter
  • Upgrading of approx 250m of 750mm x 400mm stone culvert with 750mm diameter pipe