Mullingar Sewerage Improvement Scheme


Client: Westmeath City Council
Location: Westmeath, Ireland
Value: €56 Million
Scope: Stage (i) to (v) including PSDP



Contract No. 1 DBO WWTP Upgrade, Main Lift Pumping Station, Rising Main and Sludge Treatment Facility: Increase of WWTP capacity from 20,000 to 55,000 p.e. and construction of a 6000 m3. Stormwater Holding Tank, Main Lift Pumping Station (Lynn Road) and Rising Main (20 year Operation Contract). Sludge Treatment Hub centre with Thermal Drier. The section of 1,800 mm diameter interceptor sewer (160 metres) under the Lynn Road pumping station access road was constructed in tunnel.

Contract No. 2 Interceptor Sewer: Construction of 3 Kilometres of main Interceptor Sewer (900mm to 1800mm diameter) from Springfield / Robinstown to the Lynn Road Pumping Station. The interceptor sewer included 430m of 1,200 mm diameter in tunnel in the Town Centre and 358 metres of 1,800 mm diameter in tunnel in the Mullingar Industrial Estate. Part of the 1,800 mm diameter tunnel (circa 35 metres) was under the Dublin-Sligo railway line. Major improvements and landscaping of the Town Park were an integral part of this contract also.

River Brosna Rehabilitation Works: Part of these works were completed by the Office of Public Works (OPW) through direct labour and included new a precast concrete culvert under Pearse Street, Mullingar, the underpinning of an existing culvert at Bleach Yard and the construction of sections river/ flood protection walls in the Town Park area. The Brosna and pedestrian culvert at the Royal Canal were also re-constructed and upgraded as part of Contract 2. This work involved a new Pedestrian Underpass 3 metres wide and 2.4 metres high and a new Brosna culvert 3 metres wide and 2.4 metres high beneath the underpass laid in paralell with the new 1,200 mm diameter interceptor sewer.

The Mullingar Sewerage Improvement Scheme was awarded the 2013 Environmental Infrastructure project of the Year by Engineers Ireland.