Greystones Sewerage Scheme


Client: Wicklow County Council
Location: Wicklow, Ireland
Value: €14 Million (estimated)
Scope: Stage (i) to (v) including PSDP



The project comprises the expansion and upgrade of Greystones WWTF to a 40,000 PE waste water treatment plant. The waste water treatment plant process comprises preliminary treatment (screening, degritting and storm water handling), followed by primary sedimentation and an activated sludge process, resulting in a final effluent standard of 25 mg/l BOD and 35 mg/l suspended solids. The discharges from the plant are via separate storm and final effluent marine outfalls and subject to an EPA Discharge Licence.

The sludge treatment process comprises mixing of primary and secondary sludge thickening and dewatering. Biogas produced during digestion is utilised at the plant. Odour handling and avoidance of odour nuisance to be a key feature of the contract. Upgrading of the combined sewer network within the Greystones catchment including pumping station and rising mains.