Golem, Durres and Lezha Sewerage Scheme


Client: EU Delegation to Albania
Location: Albania
Value: €18 Million
Scope: Project management including design, technical & financial management and construction supervision



Supervision of 3 IPA Contracts over a 52-month contract period, involving rehabilitation, upgrading and extension of the sewer network and pumping stations in 3 coastal towns in Albania.

  • Lot 1 – Sewerage Systems in Perroi i Agait – Golem and Discharge to the Kavaja Waste Water Treatment plant (WWTP);
  • Lot 2 – Perroi i Agait – Ura e Dajlanit (Durres) Sewerage Collection System and Discharge to Durres WWTP;
  • Lot 3 – Discharge of Lezhe and Shengjin Sewerage Systems to Lezhe WWTP & 5km RM Outfall

The Works Contracts are being implemented under the General Conditions for Works Contracts Financed by the European Development Fund (EDF) or the European Union. The project involves:
  • Supervision of the construction of approx. 20km of rising main of varying diameters between 400mm and 800mm;
  • Supervision of the construction of approx. 14km of gravity mains of varying diameters between 500mm and 710mm & approx. 4km of 315 mm diameter secondary network including house connections;
  • Supervision of the construction or rehabilitation of 18 No. pumping stations including all M&E and SCADA works;
  • Quality control of all of the Contractor’s operations;
  • Measurement of the completed works and preparation of Interim Payment Certificates to the Contractors;
  • Liaison with and reporting to the Client (European Union Delegation), Beneficiary (Ministry for Transport, Water and Sewage (GDWSS)), and water companies (UK Durres, UK Kavaja and UK Golem).